About Us

 I've been coonhunting since I was 13. I started out possum hunting with a old Mtn Feist that belonged to my Papaw. My first hounds were a Walker female and a Bluetick female pup that my Dad bought me. I sold the Walker female and started training the Bluetick with the Mtn Feist. She treed her first coon at 12 months old. I've been hooked ever since. 

Swampmusic Kennel's first started when I bought Lobo from Mike Dohoney as a pup in 1993, in 1996 I ended up selling him to Mike Dohoney and Mike Blackburn. Thankfully Mike Blackburn sold me his half back in 1999.

  After Lobo passed away I started breeding his son Gr.Ch. Swampmusic Boone. Boone was killed at the age of 7 leaving me his young son, Gr.Ch. Swampmusic
Pride. Pride has followed in the footsteps of his Grandsire and his Sire producing some of the best hounds I have ever raised. Nt.Ch. Gr.Ch Swampmusic Big Hoss had followed in their footsteps and is producing some real  nice hounds. 

 I have been blessed over the years to make some GREAT friends through these hounds. I have partnered up with a few of these friends on several hounds from my breeding program. Mike and Tommy Blackburn and David Linkous. With these guys help we hope to be able to get a Swampmusic bred hound closer to you.

 Mike Blackburn has a grandson to Lobo,  Swampmusic Banjo. We plan on breeding some of our females off of Pride and Hoss to him in the future.

I've tried hard to not mess up what Mike Dohoney started years ago by heavy line breeding on his bloodline, but we will also be doing some outcrossing to bringing in some new blood into the Swampmusic

 Mike allows me to pick what studs we want to breed to his females or bring his nice females here to Va for me to breed to what I wish.

David is hunting Hoss for me and putting him in the hunts and breeding females to him. If you'd like to see Hoss go get in touch with David and set up a hunt. Hoss will be at David's until he gets tired of hunting him OR I want him back home. LOL

 Some of the pups will be raised here in Va in Fredericksburg, Christiansburg and some of them in Ohio at Mike's. You'll get the same quality pup no matter where it is raised.



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