Tonight I was able to take Wyatt on his very first coonhunt and Paps was able to be here for it.

On the first drop Pride got behind us and headed for the hard top rd so we jumped back inthe truck and headed him off.

On the second drop I walked him a little deeper in before cutting him loose. Shortly after I cut him loose Wyatt asked Where did Pride go??? Paps told him he was out looking for a coon for us. Pride ended up getting deep behind a hill and we weren't able to hear any of the chase. When we were fianlly able to hear Pride I asked Wyatt if he could hear him? He said YES And he pointed in the direction Pride was in. I asked him if he was barking slow or fast?? He said FAST !!! LOL

Luck wasn't on our side tonight as the coon made it back to the den. Wyatt was looking forward to shooting at the coon as I had told him I'd let him shoot a couple of times. Paps even let Wyatt blow the coon squaller.  After I got Pride off the tree I asked Wyatt if he wanted to hunt longer or go home. He said he was ready to go home.... Can't say that I blame him because when we got back to the truck we had walked a lil over 2 miles. He walked all of it but about 100 yards I'd say.