Owen's first coon

Owen and Hoss

Wyatt and Paps with Pride on Wyatt's first coonhunt.

Boone's 26lb coon.

Cody and Buford

Dick Dale and myself with Boone 2009 Oaks

Scott L with Spice 

Me and my Lil Helpers 

 Sabrina and Alex

Cody Playing with Rain 


Swampmusic HoneyBee


Hoss, Owen and myself with Owen's first coon

Owen and Hoss headed for the truck

Wyatt and Paps after the hunt. Wyatt is enjoying a Peanut Butter/Applebutter sandwich.

Me with Pride

Wyatt and Boone.

Cody feeding the hounds.

Dick Dale with Sally.


Let Me HELP !!! 

Wyatt's first squirrel hunt. 


He's off of Pride and a Mtn Cur female 

Swampmusic Black ice

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